Store the scores/results of your students in a text file, and get the results in a nice TeX-table

Storing the results in a text file is made convenient by the following features:


Here is a sample input file
Here is what the file looks like after executing maketable: (however, maketable won't change the file name...)
Finally, you can see what the TeX-table which is generated looks like: sampleInputAfterExecution.pdf


Here is the documentation text file, which is also included in the downloadable tarball: makeTable.documentation


The program is written in C/C++, and published under the GNU Public License (GPL). The package contains the source code, a precompiled Linux binary, the documentation, and the sample Files listed above. Download makeTable now!
In case you use windows, note that WinZip can cope with tar.gz-files.


Feel free to give any kind of comments on the program.
E-mail me at: a AT abalser . de
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Copyright: Andreas Balser